“Who is King Pen?” you may ask.

There are a million different opinions on what makes a great MC. One person might say flow; another may offer charisma as their choice. Another still may choose lyricism or stage presence. The truth however, lies somewhere in between…that in between, is King Pen.

California born and raised, King Pen embodies the soul and spirit of “the golden age” hip-hop, while still effortlessly navigating today’s music scene. Having drawn comparisons to Ice Cube and Scarface because of his methodical flow, storytelling ability, presence, and expert song writing, King is humbled as they both top the list of his influences.However, a special place has been reserved for the incomparable Tupac Shakur as King’s biggest musical influence. Additional names such as The Notorious B.I.G, Nas, Jay-Z, Bun-B, Andre 3000, and Lupe Fiasco round off his list of influences.

Having been a songwriter since the age of 14, King has developed both a veteran’s presence in the booth, and a shooter’s touch at live performances. This is evident, as he’s seamlessly shared stages with hip-hop heavyweights such as Talib Kweli, The Game, Slum Village, and Cypress Hill. Doing so, King Pen has maintained a presence at historical venues such as Empire, The Key Club, LeVel 3, The Roxy Theatre and The Viper Room.

A thunderous delivery, witty wordplay, meaningful content, and delivery are the jewels that adorn the halls of this King’s treasure room. Each of these attributes is used to precision in order to further his career goals. King Pen works to distinguish himself as a professional that cherishes rap music, and works tirelessly at perfecting his craft. As such, no goal is too lofty. King Pen has been quoted as saying he wants to win a GRAMMY enough time to celebrate with his grandparents.

There are million different opinions on what makes a great MC. Now there is a million and one.


Brace yourselves…the King has arrived!